Dedicated to Patricia Macdonald, my mom.


Thank you for visiting Rebel Hearts! My name is Melinda Johansson, and I have a rebel heart.

After decades of struggle and defiance, I turned over my worn out, beat up, and broken heart completely to Jesus in February 2014. Through His love, mercy and grace, He healed me on the spot from depression, alcohol abuse and debilitating shame.

My prayer for Rebel Hearts is that:

  • You come to a brand new understanding of who Jesus is and why putting your faith in Him is THE most important thing you can do in this life;
  • You experience personally and profoundly the life-giving power and joy that comes with being in relationship with Him;
  • You learn tangible ways to share His love to a needy world;
  • You develop deep and meaningful relationships with like-minded Rebel Hearts, both online and in person.

Being a Christian doesn’t mean you’ll have an easy life. But why chose the less-powerful, black and white path when you can walk in joy and high-definition full color? Jesus promises to hold your hand through it all, to help you make sense of this crazy, mixed-up world.

Through the cracks of your deepest pain, He is ready to shine brightly. Join me. The adventure is just beginning.

I invite you to join me on this amazing journey as we learn to surrender our rebel hearts to God and rock the world with His message of love and hope and peace.

In Him,

Melinda Johansson
Rebel Heart