“Christian theism must be rejected by any person with even a
shred of respect for reason.” George H. Smith, Atheist

“Christian faith is not an irrational leap. Examined objectively,
the claims of the Bible are rational propositions well supported
by reason and evidence.” Charles Colson, Christian

There are many reasons why people reject Christianity. I think probably the biggest stumbling block is intellectual.

In “The Case for Faith, A Journalist Investigates the Toughest Objections to Christianity”, Lee Strobel says: “Faith isn’t always that easy, even for people who desperately want it. Some people hunger for spiritual certainty, yet something hinders them from experiencing it. They wish they could taste that kind of freedom, but obstacles block their paths. Objections pester them. Doubts mock them. Their hearts want to soar to God; their intellects keep them securely tied down.”

Strobel started out as an atheist, “utterly convinced that God didn’t create people and the people created God in a pathetic effort to explain the unknown and temper their overpowering fear of death.”   Strobel is no intellectual neophyte. He holds a Master of Studies in Law from Yale Law School and was an award-winning legal editor for the Chicago Tribune. Probably Strobel’s best known work is “The Case for Christ,” where he spent two years examining the historical evidence about Jesus, at the end of which he could no longer deny the evidence and accepted Jesus as God’s Son.

However, that wasn’t enough for Strobel. Nagging questions remained about what he calls “The Big Eight”… the objections most commonly used to reject Christianity:

*If there’s a loving God, why does this pain-wracked world groan under so much suffering and evil?

*If the miracles of God contradict science, then how can any rational person believe that they’re true?

*If God really created the universe, why does the persuasive evidence of science compel so many to conclude that the unguided process of evolution accounts for life?

*If God is morally pure, how can he sanction the slaughter of innocent children as the Old Testament says he did?

*If Jesus is the only way to heaven, what about the millions of people who have never heard of him?

*If God cares about the people he created, how could he consign so many of them to an eternity of torture in hell just because they didn’t believe the right things about him?

*If God is the ultimate overseer of the church, why has it been so rife with hypocrisy and brutality throughout the ages?

*If I’m still plagued by doubts, then is it still possible to be a Christian?

Let me know which of “The Big Eight” are the most troubling for you. Do you have other objections not listed?

In the coming weeks, I’m going to provide a short synopsis on Strobel’s findings. I encourage you to read his book, “The Case for Faith” and follow along.

Love to YOU this day!