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Dear Soldier,

I can see you’re wounded from here.

You’ve been in a battle for a very, long time.

I’ve been fighting too.

It’s been a treacherous road inside this twisted war zone. Sometimes the darkness is so deep, I can barely remember what the light looks like.

But then, just when I’m about to fall to my knees in weakness and despair, a light pierces the clouds. It sears my heart, illuminating my upturned face as the wind whips through my hair.

Then, I know, HE is here.

He’s always been here, fighting right beside me every step of the way.

Have you felt Him too?

So, dear soldier, please know that you’re not alone. We have our Warrior King by our side. We also have multitudes of warriors like you and me on the battlefields of our lives.

How do we make it through the ups and downs?

First, we accept we’re at war.

Second, we study our enemies.

Third, we train.

Fourth, we stand ready, armored up.

Five, we love. Fiercely.

I want to help you on this training ground. Holding fast to our Warrior King together, we have every weapon we need to defeat the enemy. Some of these weapons you know, some you may not. Let’s take them up together, one by one, so we are strengthened and healed.

The battles come and go. Some days, it will be fierce fighting. Other days, sometimes stretching into weeks and months, it will be calm. Those days of rest and recovery are so very important. Just as muscles are strained, then rested, then strained again, that is how the muscle of our spirit is also strengthened.

We should not worry about tomorrow’s battles because it depletes our energy for today. We need that energy to remain vigilant. We need to stand strong or the enemy will take another soldier down, leaving behind wives, husbands, and children, left to wonder and despair over their absence.

The war has been won, my friend. But the battle continues.

Will you join us?

Love, Melinda