It’s time!

I’ve been stuck for 6 years!  Stuck in my mind. Stuck in my doubts. Stuck with thinking I have to have everything perfect before starting.

All lies.

I will NEVER be ready. So…I’m just going to start.

Writing. Speaking. Creating.

God has something to say through me. I know it in my bones.

At the same time, even while I’m writing this… I honestly don’t feel deserving to carry His message. I’m just a girl in this great big universe He created. But isn’t that the beauty and the unfreakin’ believable way that God works?

I believe He has something for you, too. Yes, YOU. Stop shakin’ your head. I can see you!!! 😊

So what’s this Rebel Hearts thing all about? I’m totally NOT sure…but perhaps you’ll join me on the journey.

A few things I can promise.

I won’t be shouting Bible verses at you, but I will use them for the wisdom they contain.

I hope to God I won’t be long-winded…raise a hallelujah!

Growing up in So Cal means my Valley Girl vernacular could pop up. I apologize in advance.

There will be LOTS of music…mostly Christian cuz that’s how I roll. Also…the Greatest Showman, Springsteen and country music. Oh…and The Eagles. But I digress.

Oh! And books, books, and more books! Leaders are readers!!!  So much to read, so little time.

I almost forgot! WONDER WOMAN!!! She will be here too.

I’m not sure exactly where Rebel Hearts is going. But what I DO know is it will be a place I wish I had decades ago. A place to help me make sense of THIS, the greatest show called LIFE! A place of love, forgiveness, grace, healing, hope, strength and purpose.

Sometimes I just can’t believe how long it took me to start to “get it.” Just call me a SLOW LEARNER. 🤣🤣🤣 But even so, God in his infinite patience has shown me a way through depression, addiction, suicidal thoughts, heartbreak, and suffering. I don’t have all the answers, but I do have some. And God takes care of the rest.

If you aren’t a Christian, that’s awesome. Welcome! I believe with all my heart that you’re in the right place. It’s not an accident you’re reading this. Just know I will be bold sharing what I believe, but I promise to never denigrate your beliefs. I hope you can give me the same grace.

Come home, sister. Come home, brother. Come home to God and to your truest of true self, the one buried under miles of stone and broken glass.

You’re there, ready to shine bright. So let’s GO!!!!

Be brave dear one…


PS: Here’s a video of The Greatest Show, a song that gets me PUMPED for what God has in store for Rebel Hearts. What lyrics stand out for you? I’d love to hear! Comment below 👇🏼. THANKS!!